This Husky Hadn’t Seen Her Friend In Years, But Then He Showed Up On Her Doorstep

Perhaps one of the greatest aspects of any friendship is that no matter how long you’re apart, you never miss a beat when you come together again.

As it turns out, humans aren’t the only ones that are able to form lasting bonds with their buddies. When a husky pup named Laika met her pit bull buddy, Rook, the two were nearly inseparable. Sadly, as the dogs’ owners moved on with their lives, the pals could no longer see each other much.

Fortunately, Rook’s owners made a surprise Valentine’s Day visit to Laika’s house, and based on the dog’s instant reaction to seeing her old friend, it was a happy reunion!

Watch as Laika and Rook go back to being little pups again.

It’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet, but be sure to share this puppy love story with all the animal lovers in your life!

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