Husky Is Mad And Won’t Look At Owner, So Mom Starts Singing Her Favorite Song

Mom just applied some flea spray to Mya the Husky, and the dog is not happy about it! She won’t look at her owner or even acknowledge that her name is being called. To Mya, it’s the ultimate betrayal. But is there anything that can snap this dog out of it? 😉

But Mom knows exactly what to do, and that’s when she starts singing Mya’s favorite song. The stubborn Husky can’t possibly resist that, right? It’s Mom’s only hope, so she has to try!

Mya just can’t help herself! As Mom sings, the dog starts chiming in at certain spots with tiny howls. “Are you gonna forgive me? Are you gonna look at me?” Mom asks her pup.

It’s not long before Mya turns around and looks at her, and at this point, it’s a full-on duet! Mom’s trick worked, and the dog has finally snapped out of her stubbornness. Have you ever seen anything like it? Too funny!

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