Husky Pup Is Lost In Belly-Rubbin’ Bliss

What a life this puppy lives! You know, it’s pretty tough to be adorable all the time!
One thing is for sure, this cutie LOVES belly rubs! (Of course! Which puppy doesn’t!?) As the man in the video says, he could do this for hours! We definitely don’t doubt that!!
With this tiny eyes closed, lying sprawled out on his back, someone gives his belly a little rub. And I’m no vet, but I can assure you that this pup has healthy working back legs… ‘Cause as soon as the belly rubs start, he’s kicking and wiggling those legs in delight!

Confession: If he really did do this all day… I’m pretty sure I’d happily watch it the entire time! There’s something so irresistible about a little wiggly pup!
Get ready for some smiles! Hit play and enjoy:

ADORABLE, right!? Gosh, I love him – how can you not?!
Does your dog kick his leg during belly rubs, too?
(One of my dogs does, while the other doesn’t!)

We’d love to see your leg-kicking-good belly rub videos! Feel free to share them by commenting below!

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