Husky Puppy Does The Most Adorable Thing After Her Very First Bath

Puppies are so cute when they get their first bath. Many of them are terrified of the water, but some of happen to absolutely love the new experience. Nevertheless, I bet every dog’s favorite part of the bath is the after-bath routine. You know, the part where they get to be dried off, which most of the time is accompanied by cuddles, including the part where you wrap him/her up like a baby!

And while most dogs run like crazy after their bath, Dakota the Husky puppy is so relaxed by her first bath that she decided to take a little nap while her human is drying her. She must have had quite a soothing bath that she just closed her eyes right then and there. Talk about a mellow puppy! What a lucky dog owner she has – hopefully Dakota has this reaction after every bath!

Watch the adorable bathtime routine below!

[youtube id=”UA73jLfhR04″]

This video is just too adorable not to share! And Dakota sure is one cute pup! What does your dog do after bath time? Does he do something adorable, or does he run like crazy? Leave a comment to share your story!

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