Husky Showers Baby With Kisses During Adorable Play Session

No shocker here: we consider dogs like family members. So, it’s always very heartwarming to see those family members, often associated as ‘older siblings’ of sorts, becoming best friends with new additions. Yep, that’s right…another dog and baby video. You’re welcome!

This combination just oozes adorableness every time, we can’t help it! In this particular clip, we meet a gorgeous Siberian Husky and his very curious, giggly baby friend.

Though this dog breed is often thought of as being stunningly beautiful, almost stoic in appearance, this particular pup knows the importance of not taking yourself too seriously. He gently plays with his humans’ 7 month-old baby as she laughs and rolls and has the time of her little life. Even when the giggling baby girl touches the dog’s face, he just responds with kisses!(

What a special moment of friendship between this brother and sister – best friends right from the start…too sweet.

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