Husky Upset Over Outcome On TV Show, Throws Tantrum To Mom And Brother

Mom’s watching the New Orleans challenges on the TV show Property Brothers with her Husky and German Shepherd, and they are all really into it. In fact, Zeus the Husky throws a temper tantrum over the outcome when it doesn’t go the way he wanted it to!

Mom asks both of the dogs who they think should win: Drew or Jonathan. Zeus goes on the record believing that Drew deserves to win. They discuss it for a little bit and then tune in to hear the final decision.

The camera pans to the TV as they announce the winner and… it’s Jonathan! “Uh oh, you were wrong,” mom tells Zeus. “Sorry, bud!”

Zeus proceeds to throw his fit as the German Shepherd looks at him as if to say, “Not this again!” I’m sure living with a Husky, he hears lots of these tantrums!

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