I Still Can’t Believe What This Woman Filmed Her Puppies Doing. Did That Really Happen?!

These dogs are so excited to get into the bath, they nearly manage to topple over the sides of the tub. Their exuberance and enthusiasm is hysterical and dog owners might be envious of these pups and their commitment to cleanliness.

Dog owners with fussy pooches might even want to show this video their dogs, so that they can see what a pup who actually enjoys and welcomes bath time looks like. Perhaps your dog will receive inspiration from these puppies and quit being so negative when it comes to bath time.

This clip is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious. Your friends and family are sure to appreciate these adorable puppies and their love for bath time, so share this clip with them as soon as possible. Post it to your Facebook wall and pass it along to your Twitter followers, as well.

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