When The Idiot Human Won’t Help This Cat, Watch What The Hero Dog Does!

Our pets make us laugh. They do the silliest and most random things sometimes and we love them for it. However, when our pets get in some kind of trouble, no matter how ridiculous, we should always be there to help them. Instead of teasing them, doing nothing, or taking a video of them, we should just help them. Cos we don’t know what kind of stress our pets are feeling when they get into trouble, even if it’s over something silly.

In the video below, you’ll see a cat whose head is stuck in a cup. And instead of helping the cat out, the idiot human just took a video of the poor kitty. Thankfully, a kindhearted dog is there to rescue the cat. This dog knew the cat was in trouble, and he knew exactly what to do to save her. Watch the video below!

Hats off to this kind hero dog! It might not be a life-threatening situation, but this dog did the right thing, not like the human who’s just taking the video.

We should all learn from this. Although the cat’s life may not be in danger, she must’ve felt scared when she couldn’t get the cup off her head. Our duty is to care for our pets, so let’s do the responsible thing and help out our feline and canine friends when they’re in trouble.

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