If You Still Think Pitbulls Are An Aggressive Breed, You Need To Meet This One.

Some ignorant people still believe that Pit Bulls are dangerously aggressive breeds. If they met Sharky, they would definitely think otherwise. We’ve featured a video of Sharky swimming with his cute little chick friends. It was so adorable when the chicks used Sharky as bridge to get out from the water and into dry land.

Sharky is such a lovable Pit Bull! In fact, he has his very own Facebook page with more than 800,000 likes!

Now here he is again! Sharky is hanging out with his chick buddies and his cat friend. He looks so relaxed with the chicks climbing on is back and the cat cuddling beside him! Watch the adorable video below!

Unfortuntely, we heard that Sharky passed away last month. Sharky may be gone but we will always remember him as the sweet and gentle Pit Bull who is very friendly to other animals.

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