If You Think You’re Tired After A Long Day, These Baby Animals Have You Beat

Getting enough sleep is easier said than done. With school, work, taking care of a family, running errands, or whatever might take up the waking hours of your day, not only is it hard to actually sit down, but it’s also difficult to unwind.

Even though these puppies and kittens may not lead the same busy life that you do, they feel your pain. Sometimes you’re just so tired, you feel like you’re going to fall asleep standing up. And sometimes…you actually do! Watch these sleepy critters let their lack of energy get the best of them in the video below. Hopefully their cuteness works as a midday pick-me-up for you.


This is how I feel at the end of every Monday. Sometimes I think life would be easier if I was a dog, but it’s all relative, I guess!

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