Immobile old Pug gets a new lease on life thanks to the magic of socks

Leia the pug found her forever home a little later that most pups do in their life life, but that hasn’t stopped her from enjoying the past two years with her new momma and dad.


Things were going as well as they good for Leia, until her owners installed new wood floors in their home and the senile old pup stopped walking around as much. According to the Leia’s owner “Last fall we ripped out our carpets in our condo and installed the wood flooring and found that she was slipping and sliding and not getting the hang of the floors at all.”


They were desperate to find a solution to help Leia, so they turned to something peculiar – tiny socks! The little grippers on the bottom of the socks help Leia from slipping and sliding, as well as getting up. She now has an entire collection of themed socks that she happily rocks every single day.

The socks have managed to keep Leia’s character from changing, and most importantly will keep her safe in her ripe old age.



She loves them so much that she even commits the fashion faux pas of wearing them to bed.


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