Impatient Pup Throws A Fit Over Her New Automatic Dog Feeder

Up until recently, it would seem, the only thing that stood between this dog named Olive and the extra snack she desired was her owner, Hailey Hart. That said, Olive was apparently used to getting her way.

But there’s a new food sheriff in town at Hart and Olive’s house. And it isn’t so easily swayed.

Turns out, Olive’s owner recently purchased an automatic dog feeder — a device designed to dish out dog food at scheduled times. Scheduled times only.

Here’s Olive’s reaction when she learned about that last part:

Olive was none too happy to learn that a robot was now deciding that those sneaky snacks she’d previously enjoyed were now off the table.

Her impatience expressed itself in the form of a rather adorable little temper tantrum.

Following a regular, consistent meal regimen isn’t always fun, but it’s often for the better. Still, that doesn’t mean Olive (or anyone else for that matter) has to like it.

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