Impossible Hero Emerged After Dog Rescue Failed Countless Times

An animal rescuer named Danny received a call about a small dog wandering the streets. He drove there while on the way to another rescue. The dog appeared friendly and calm. Danny got out of his vehicle and said hello to the pup. Danny told the dog to wait right there for him. He needed to head back to his car to get supplies, including some hot dogs to entice the stray.

But what Danny thought would be an easy rescue, was anything but. When Danny quickly returned from his vehicle, the dog had vanished. Danny was devastated. The little dog needed his help and Danny couldn’t find him. The pup had wandered into an abandoned truck yard and disappeared.

Danny circled the neighborhood but it was of no use. He had to get to another rescue. But he returned first thing the next day. He was determined to help this little guy. But again, Danny couldn’t find him. This routine went on for weeks.

A month later, Danny was trying to rescue an abandoned dog named Dixie. Dixie was actually in the same area as the little dog who disappeared. Danny decided that while he was trying to rescue Dixie with a humane trap, he would go looking for the little dog again. He didn’t expect to find this little one! An entirely different dog was in the very same spot as the little dog.

Danny used some food to coax the new dog over. It was the same story as before. The dog was friendly and happy to see a kind human. But he kept running away too. Danny was having a bad run of luck for sure! He sat up another humane trap hoping the new dog would cooperate. Even with yummy food inside, the dog would not step inside. He then fled into the truck yard just like the other dog. UGH!

A few minutes later, as a dejected Danny was getting ready to leave, he heard a commotion in the truck yard. He ran over as fast as he could. That is when he saw a man named Greg. Greg was calling out to Danny saying there was a dog there and asked if he needed help to catch him. Danny of course said YES!

This is when the story gets even better! As Greg walked over to the gates to let Danny in, there were suddenly two dogs trailing behind him. Two dogs? Yup! The new stray had a buddy with him and they were frolicking over as if they understood what was going on.

The bonded pair playfully ran along side by side. Danny was in awe. Would his luck finally change? Would he be able to catch the dogs after all his struggles?

To find out what happens next, watch the video below. It’s worth every minute!

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