They Impounded A Blind And Deaf Dog At A Shelter, But 3 Days Later? I’m Heartbroken

Keller, a 5-year-old tan pit bull terrier, was brought to the San Bernardino City Shelter on July 27th. He is both deaf and blind. Keller was described as a staff favorite. He was sweet, deserved a loving home and was calm. (Did you notice all of those things were written in past tense? That was for a sad reason, bare with me).


Just looking at this picture, you can see Keller wasn’t happy. With his head hanging down and he looked rather dejected. San Bernardino City Shelter is a high-kill shelter. The ad the shelter put up for Keller said that he would be available for adoption on August 3rd. Arrangements were being made for Keller to leave the shelter with a rescue.

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But, sadly, Keller was euthanized some time yesterday. Shelter volunteers were completely heartbroken. The shelter isn’t saying anything more than he was in ‘grave condition.’ RIP Keller. Share away, people.

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