In Response to Ongoing Dog Dumping, Elderly Man Transforms Home into Sanctuary and Creates Unique ‘Doggie Train’

Repeatedly witnessing unscrupulous owners dump their unwanted dogs near his home, an 86-year-old man decided to transform his 13-acre property into a safe haven for these frightened and abandoned dogs.

Eugene Bostick, an 86-year-old resident of Fort Worth, Texas, noticed a recurring problem in his neighborhood – individuals were discreetly abandoning their unwanted pets near his home. Upon his retirement, Eugene decided to take action and turned his 13-acre property into a sanctuary for these frightened and abandoned dogs. Over the years, these pups have become part of his family, adding joy and purpose to his retirement.

Constantly seeking innovative ways to keep his canine family entertained and happy, Eugene came up with the charming idea of a ‘doggie train’. Leveraging his welding skills, he drilled holes in plastic barrels, attached wheels to them, and connected them like makeshift carriages. He then hitched them to a mini tractor, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey for his cherished dog family.

This unique train has become a huge hit with Eugene’s dogs. Twice a week, their loving caretaker takes them on lengthy rides. Every journey is an adventure for the dogs, who eagerly hop into the train and express their joy through wagging tails and excited barks. Eugene drives them through the woods and down local lanes, allowing the dogs to sniff the air, bask in the sunlight, and watch the world go by with pure delight.

Eugene finds his purpose in rescuing these dogs, which, he says, has brought him great joy during his twilight years. As more abandoned dogs continue to appear near his property, Eugene welcomes them with open arms. And for every new arrival, he adds another barrel to his doggie train, ensuring there’s always enough room for everyone. This heartwarming story truly exemplifies the deep bond between humans and animals.

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