In The Epic Struggle Between Puppies And Treadmills, Who Will Be The Winner?

Few people really like working out. Sure you might feel accomplished after a long run, but sweating and breathing heavily for an extended period of time is not most people’s cup of tea. If you think that exercising is more of a chore than it is a fun activity, these dogs feel your pain. If you thought it was difficult to run on the treadmill, these furbabies can’t even figure out how to work a treadmill! We’ll give them a little bit of credit though…even if they aren’t very good at working out, they look adorable when they try. Watch the video below and cast your vote in the puppies versus treadmills battle. They’re so cute though…in the end, everyone wins!

I need to get a bunch of puppies and a treadmill, stat. I could watch those American Bulldog puppies jump around on exercise equipment all day. So cute!

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