Incredible recovery for two dogs beaten down by abuse

These dogs lived a horrible life at the home of former Opa-laka Chief of Police, Ron Wilson. While he was on a 10 day cruise, Animal Control found them left to fend for themselves in his yard without shelter from the harsh South Florida conditions.

These dogs were immediately taken into Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue where they received the medical treatment they needed. Their ribs were showing, bodies covered in mange, almost completely blinded from eye issues. Further tests and x-rays revealed Mugsy had a broken leg in the past, two bullets still in his body and heart worm.

The medial bills have been close to $20,000 and at the time of their rescue, Dezzy’s Second Chance could not tell their story to raise donations because Ron Wilson was under investigation. Eventually the SWAT team came out and arrested him. He was charged with animal abuse.

Wilson opted for a deal to keep him out of jail and has agreed to pay a non disclosed amount of money to reimburse Dezzy’s Second Chance for the dogs medical care. He has FIVE years to pay.

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