Incredible Rescue of Homeless Puppies Forced to Live Under a House in Houston, Texas After Flooding

Hope for Paws and their fellow rescue teams have been doing all they can in all of the areas hit by flooding recently. This video is from a rescue in Houston, Texas, after flooding struck there and caused a major amount of damage! Check out this amazing rescue video, of some puppies forced to live under a house to take shelter.

This whole series of events took place before the rain and flooding in Houston. Can you imagine these puppies and other puppies being born right now what their plight is?

We stopped in front of a house and when Katie started talking about Chocolate the dog, that they had spayed and returned to the family, a light-bulb went on, well 2 of them.

This was the house of a dog that I photographed under a pick-up truck last December when we were in Houston. She was too shy to come out then, but now she was happy to visit with us. In another moment I realized that we were at the same spot where we came with Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward to feed Mr. Woolsworth! It became very familiar when the toddler puppies came running out to say hello. So we were back at the house of a family who seems to have too many dogs to handle.

The first step was to retrieve the brand new puppies which were laying in a pile underneath a dog house in the yard. There were 5 tiny puppies that Katie skillfully removed. They were only a few weeks old at best. When Anna realized that the puppies didn’t have teeth yet, she knew that they had to find their mama and take her with them as they were still nursing. The problem was that she had not come out to greet us and we couldn’t find her. In the meantime the toddler puppies were providing entertainment for all! Contact Houston K911 Rescue to adopt:

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This story is part of the collection from the WA2S Films: Celebrates American Stray Dogs Tour

Deanna Vollano

2nd Camera:
John Robinson

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Tom McPhee

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