Ingenious Dog Feigns Blindness to Evade Overzealous New Puppy

When Elle Nailga started working longer hours, she grew concerned that her dog, Bella, might feel lonely at home. To alleviate Bella’s solitude, Nailga decided to bring a playful pug puppy named Baguette into the family. At first, Bella and Baguette got along well and quickly formed a bond. However, Bella soon discovered that the lively puppy didn’t always know when to stop playing, and their interaction became overwhelming for her.

Nailga began observing some peculiar behaviors in Bella. She struggled to jump on and off the couch and occasionally bumped into objects. Worried about Bella’s wellbeing, Nailga took her to the vet, who diagnosed her with acute blindness and advised consulting an ophthalmologist. However, after conducting several tests, the ophthalmologist found that Bella’s eyes were in perfect condition, and her behavior was described as “inconsistent.”

Upon learning about the recent addition of Baguette to the family, the ophthalmologist concluded that the puppy was the root of Bella’s unusual behavior. In a clever ploy to avoid and ignore Baguette, Bella had been pretending to be blind.

Once Nailga discovered Bella’s ruse, she made sure to give Bella the space and time she needed, away from the high-spirited puppy. Baguette is gradually learning to respect Bella’s boundaries, and Bella is becoming more at ease with her new little sister. The family now understands the importance of balancing playtime with relaxation, allowing Bella and Baguette to coexist harmoniously.

This heartwarming story highlights the intelligence and adaptability of dogs, showing that they’re capable of devising creative solutions to navigate challenging situations. As Bella and Baguette continue to adjust to each other’s unique personalities, their bond will only grow stronger, and hopefully, Bella will no longer feel the need to resort to feigning blindness.

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