Injured Pup Kept Her Distance From Everyone Until She Met Her New Best Friend

When Olivia was found by her rescuer, she was in awful shape. Tiona, who works with the Animal Shelters group to save strays and other lost pups, knew that this one was going to be hard. This was a clear-cut case of neglect and abuse.

Olivia’s back legs were injured — and not accidentally.

“Who could do this?” Tiona wondered, even as the dedicated team of veterinarians worked to help her. The incident left lasting scars, both externally and internally.

Olivia couldn’t trust her rescuers or the other pets at her foster home. Instead, she sat alone and kept her distance.

Still, the wounds were healing and Tiona knew that Olivia could open her heart if she could just realize that she was safe. Time passed, but the injured dog was wary.

In the end, it was Leo, a playful cat, who coaxed Olivia out of her shell. Now, the two sit and play together all day!

Once she took the initiative to make a bond, she found a community of cats, dogs, and loving caretakers who will make sure she never goes through something so painful again.

Watch Olivia’s full story below!

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