Injured Shar-Pei Lashes Out At Rescuers But Makes Amends Later

When Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz from Hope For Paws heard about an injured Shar-Pei living on the train tracks in Los Angeles they immediately ran out to rescue the dog from the dangerous living situation.

They tried to coax her to them, but the dog they named Tweedy wasn’t interested in food and was wary of their movements. But they managed to snare her and that’s when the trouble began.

Tweedy put up a big fight, resisting her capture by trying to bite Lisa and biting through the catch pole!

It took both Lisa and JoAnn’s full strength to get Tweedy secured in a kennel, but once the Shar-Pei was secure they could finally relax.

When she finally got to the vet they discovered Tweedy had reason to be so upset. She was suffering from a broken elbow, fractured teeth, skin and ear infections. Not only that, but she also had entropian – a painful condition where the eyelids fold inward and “prick” the eyes. She must have been in so much pain!

But after being treated, Lisa goes to see Tweedy and the two put their bad moment during the rescue behind them. In fact, Tweedy is all about giving her rescuers cuddles and kisses.

Two months later and Tweedy is thriving in her foster home. Watch her dramatic rescue and heartwarming recovery in the video below.

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