Investigation Underway for Alleged Rough Handling of Bomb-Sniffing Dog by TSA Agent

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer’s handling of a bomb-sniffing dog at the Detroit Metro Airport is currently under investigation following a video that surfaced on social media. The video, which quickly went viral, seemed to depict the TSA officer roughly treating the dog, which is part of the agency’s explosive detection team.

The video was originally shared on Reddit by user ProfessionalEye3568 on Sunday and rapidly disseminated across other social media platforms. The incident has sparked concern and outrage from viewers, leading to an official investigation.

The TSA has since issued a statement, as reported by the Detroit News, declaring, “The behavior displayed by this handler is unacceptable and not within the high standards we hold our officers to.” The agency further stated that the video was forwarded to its local office in Detroit for evaluation, and the handler involved would not be working with any dogs pending the completion of the investigation.

Captured by a Reddit user at the Delta Sky Club, the video shows the handler and the dog walking back and forth through the airport terminal. During some laps in the McNamara Terminal, the handler appears to be aggressively pulling and dragging the dog.

The TSA is committed to ensuring the welfare of all working canines within the agency and will not tolerate any behavior that compromises their well-being. The outcome of the investigation is eagerly anticipated by those who have seen the video and are concerned about the welfare of the dog involved.

The video can be viewed here:

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