Is there anyone out there who will love this soulful dog?

For well over a month, a soulful dog has been waiting for someone, anyone, to notice him. Oso is a four-year-old German shepherd mix who has been sitting at the Los Angeles County Animal Control (Downey) facility since October 9.

Information about Oso

A shelter advocate wrote:

Oso still waits in the adootable building at Downey.
Oso has a soulful spirit. A older looking soul that has such character.❤ He is definetely wondering why he is here.
He approached gentle and gave me a look with Expressive eyes.
Oso seems like a good, easy going boy. He did fine with the other dogs and has notes of being friendly.
He is still needs to complete his assessment. But this boy really needs us to help him get a forever home.
ID: #A4834322

Saving Oso

Oso could use the help of strangers right now – networking increases his odds of finding that special person who is willing and able to take him in and provide him with the loving home that he deserves.

Petharbor link here.

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