It Looked Like His Pup Was Barking At The Waves, But When He Looked Closer…

Half the time when your dog is barking, it’s at nothing in particular. Maybe a twig “looked” at her the wrong way or the wind blew…that’s it, it just blew.

But when one man was bass fishing on a beach in Wales, his pup, Leia, was barking at him for a very good reason. Without her help, a helpless baby animal most likely wouldn’t have survived the ordeal.

I see a happy future for these two…


This baby dolphin just needed a little lift to get freed, so he could swim back to his family. The Good Samaritan stuck around to make sure he didn’t get washed back ashore, and reported the incident to the coast guard. What an incredible sight to see this little guy make his way home!

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