It Took Them Days To Rescue This Dog Dumped At A Car Wash…But It Was Worth It

When The Dog Rescuers Inc. outside Toronto, Canada, heard the story of Bo, a dog living near a car wash, they couldn’t believe their ears. Dumped there and forced to fend for himself for seven months, Bo relied on the workers, who had managed to keep him alive by leaving bits of food out.

But Bo was nearing starvation, and with temperatures dropping at night, the volunteers at the shelter jumped at the opportunity to save the young Azores cattle dog. What they found, though, shocked them beyond all belief.


For Bo, everything worked out fine thanks to the volunteers at The Dog Rescue Inc. Many more abandoned pups like him aren’t as lucky, though. To help bring them home, please consider donating today. Remember, every dollar counts for a dog in need.

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