With An Itch He Can’t Reach, Watch What This Pug Does To Scratch His Back!

When you have an itch you can’t reach and nobody’s around (or willing) to help you out, you have to find ways to scratch your own back. And that’s exactly what this clever Pug did! He may not have long arms to reach his own back, but he sure has the wits to think his way through the problem! He found a clever and hilarious solution to scratch his own back! When the floor is just not enough to scratch that darn itch, he used the stairs! Yup, that’s right!

Maybe the floor’s surface is too flat and smooth, so he found something with edges that can solve his itchy problem! Watch the hysterical video below and see how this Pug used the stairs to scratch his itchy back!

Awwww…he had to slide down the stairs to scratch his back! What a funny (yet clever) little doggy! I sure hope whoever is taking the video will help him out though! Poor baby!

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