A Jack Russell Climbs Unto a Miniature Horse. Then, The Unthinkable Happens!

We love unlikely animal friendships. We just love the fact how two very different animals bond and form a beautiful friendship. Sometimes, I wonder how they communicate with each other despite their differences. I guess it’s one of natures beautiful ways of showing us that everybody can actually get along. So here’s another video of an unlikely friendship! A friendship between a dog and a miniature horse!

Everyone, meet Dally the Jack Russell Terrier and Spanky the miniature horse! These two have not only formed a beautiful bond, but they also perform together! Yup, they make a lot of people smile and cheer! Both of them were rescued by their trainer, Francesca Carson. Carson said that as soon as the two met, they quickly bonded and formed a friendship. Their career in showbiz started when Carson was training Spanky, and then suddenly Dally just leaped onto Spanky’s back! Watch them in action on the video below!

What an incredible performance! Not only do these two perform together, they eat and drink together two! They’re inseparable! It just shows how close they really are! Aren’t they amazing?

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