Jack Russell Terrier Abandoned With Nothing But Heartbreaking Note Attached To Collar

A stray Jack Russell terrier found in a small New Zealand town may not seem like the best candidate for an international marketing campaign, but the message tagged to his collar is helping others think twice about a serious issue.

Abandoned in a small town about 12 miles from Auckland, the small dog was found wandering around a row of shops, news.com.au reports. On his green collar, a note read, “Hi my name is Roxy. My owner can’t look after me. Can you?”

After a kind stranger brought the dog to the local ASPCA, Roxy was nursed back to health, but SPCA Aukland is still investigating the case. Those with any information on Roxy are asked to contact the organization on Facebook or the SPCA Aukland website.

Roxy’s predicament could have been prevented, the SPCA maintains, had her owner been more responsible and chosen other methods of surrendering the dog.

Abandoning an animal is also against the law.

“We understand that circumstances can change for pet owners and that sometimes families are in a position where they genuinely can’t care for their animals anymore—we want you to know there is always another option and people who can help,” the SPCA Aukland posted. “Abandoning an animal like this is an offense under the Animal Welfare Act 1999.”

It’s incredibly important that potential pet parents understand the true responsibility that comes with taking care of an animal. Far too many pets are put to sleep every year for the sake of convenience. Click the button below to learn how you can make a difference and end this needless killing!

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