This Jack Russell’s Hilariously Bad Run Is Going Viral, And You’ll Have To Watch It

Meet Olly the Jack Russell terrier who just had one of the most epic dog show fails ever – yet he couldn’t care less. On Sunday the pooch participated in Crufts, a world famous dog show, where he absolutely lost it at the agility round. The rescue doggie who has now been re-homed ignored the instructions given by his handler Karen, a woman from the Blue Cross in Hertfordshire, England, who did everything she could to help the dog stay on the course – but to no avail…

At Crufts, dogs go through a set of obstacles and score points for accuracy of the tricks. However, Olly was falling off obstacles, making mistakes and even skipping parts of the course all together.

Maybe that’s why the jolly fellow who looked like someone who had too much caffeine didn’t win the gold at this dog show – but with his champion attitude and beaming positivity, Olly the dog conquered hearts all over the world. As one commentator put it: “He is an absolute handful. [Olly is] totally crazy and as you can see he’s having a ball. He loves life and exercise.”

Watch the video here:

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