Jealous French Bulldog Demands More Attention From His Human

I always make it a point not to play favorites with my dog. If I pet one dog, I make sure I pet the others too. Do you do the same thing with your dogs? I think they can tell if you’re playing favorites with them. And dogs can get jealous like humans. If you don’t believe me, just watch the video below!

In the video, you will see two French Bulldogs lying on the couch with their human. When the guy starts petting one, the other stares at him. It’s like he’s telling him, “Hey, it’s my turn! Pet me! Pet me!” The other dog couldn’t help that he finally puts his paw on the human’s arm and started barking to demand attention! Take a look at the video and see this jealous French Bulldog!

Awwww…he just wants fair treatment! If one gets some petting, he should get some too! But somewhere in the middle of the video it seems like he’s getting selfish though! He wants the human to focus on him and just forget about the other doggy! LOL!

Do your dogs act like this too? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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