Jealous Kitty Has The Weirdest Reaction To The New Puppy

We knew that people can get jealous of other people, but did you know that pets can get jealous of other pets too? In this adorable clip, it seems that the owner of this funny cat seems to have made a new friends with a puppy! The cat just sits idly in the window, watching his owner play with the new family dog. You can see the sadness in the cat’s expression and the jealousy brewing in his eyes! All and all, this sure does make for one funny and memorable clip!

Pets are really amazing companions. They can bring joy to us even when we are feeling low. They can create memorable and funny moments just like this clip right here. No wonder cats and dogs are considered some of mankind’s greatest companions, they are just do darn cute and lovable!

Have you ever seen something like this? Did you ever have a pet that got jealous of another pet? We would love to hear from you so please leave a comment down in the comments section!

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