John McCain’s family dog tragically drowned when stuck in pipe

In Phoenix, Arizona, John McCain’s dog who was always at his side prior to the senator’s death, died in a tragic accident. Burma, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, died in April when she got trapped in a pipe on their Hidden Valley property.

Every time I think my heart can’t be broken any further…our dog Burma was my father’s birthday present years ago and was absolutely and truly devoted to him. She would never leave his side, followed him around every single step when he would walk around our ranch, slept by his side every night and we always said Chesapeake bay retrievers were the most affectionate breed of dogs. The love this dog gave him was equal to a family member. I love you Burma and hope you’re in heaven jumping into creeks, chasing sticks and fish with Dad,” wrote Meghan McCain.

Burma always seemed to be at the late senator’s side during his final year. She retrieved sticks and toys, and together the two explored every inch of the property.

“It’s weird — she had never done this before — she ran into a pipe. You know, we have a series of ponds on our property … and she ran into the pipe and she got stuck,” McCain said. “She drowned, and eventually, her body came out the other end of the pipe. It’s devastating. She was John’s dog, period, and so what makes me feel better is I know she’s with him now.

After McCain died, Burma burrowed herself in her beloved human’s bed and stayed there for three days.

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