Jon Hamm Adopts Dog Who Was Returned To Shelter Twice

A shelter dog name Splash discovered the phrase ‘third time’s a charm’ to be true.

Puppies are irresistible but aren’t for everyone. They can be mischievous, energetic, and defiant, but are totally worth the trouble. Splash, a four-month-old rescue puppy, piqued the interest of many potential adopters with his adorable face, but was returned twice to the shelter.

Splash was adopted by two different families but both returned him for the same reason, “because of his puppy energy.” The staff was determined to find the sweet boy a forever home and after many meet and greets, a perfect match was found.

I Stand With My Pack posted, “Splash is growing so fast and is having a time of his life. He had several meets and greets and is waiting to hear news about his forever home. ❤️ Paws crossed!”

It turns out, actor Jon Hamm applied to adopt Splash and the rest is history. Splash is now living it up in his forever home and the pair couldn’t be happier.

Although Hamm is not a fan of social media, he was more than happy to promote adopting by posing for a photo with his new pal.

The shelter posted the photo with the caption, “We rescued him and found him the best home. He lives a fairy tale life now.🦋 Happy adoption Splash. We are over the moon for you.”

Splash is just one of millions of shelter pets looking for a forever home. Due to the natural disasters occurring across the country, shelters are in desperate need of fosters and adopters. I Stand With My Pack is currently over capacity due to wildfires and needs fosters now! Please consider fostering and adopting to save lives and help animals displaced by the fires.

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