Joyful Reunion: Lost Dog After 2 Years Jumps into Owner’s Arms

On an ordinary day, sisters Jasmine Noffsinger and her sibling were heading home from a coffee run when they spotted a severely malnourished dog walking along the side of the road. “He was extremely skinny. I could see all of his ribs and all of his spine,” Noffsinger recounted.

Concerned, they pulled into a nearby parking lot and beckoned the dog. As Noffsinger got out of the car, the undernourished dog ran towards her, his body wagging with joy. “It was the cutest thing ever,” she said.

Their first step was to take the dog to a vet, hoping he might be microchipped. To their relief, he was, but the chip failed to provide any useful information. However, the microchip company managed to locate the lost dog’s information. They discovered that the pit bull’s name was Hamm and that he was a long way from his home in Dade City, Florida.

Once Patricia DeWit, Hamm’s owner, was contacted, Noffsinger shared the surprising news. “When I told her I had [Hamm], she started hysterically crying and was in shock and did not believe I had him,” Noffsinger said. “She then told me he had been missing since February 2021, and when I asked her where she lived, she said Dade City, which is 450 miles from me in Pensacola.”

When Hamm had escaped from his yard back in 2021, his family had launched a desperate search. Their house, backing up to 100 acres of land, made the search difficult and unfortunately yielded no results.

Both parties agreed to meet halfway in Tallahassee for a joyful reunion. “When [the DeWits] pulled up, Hamm ran straight to them and hopped in their car,” Noffsinger recounted.

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Since the reunion, Noffsinger has been receiving daily updates about Hamm. He is settling back into his old life as if he never left. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of microchipping pets and keeping the registered information up-to-date. Noffsinger advises, “And for anyone who does find a dog and the dog has a chip, just because the information doesn’t come up right away doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Go the extra mile and do what’s right.”

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