Joyous Outburst: German Shepherd Dog Experiences the Ocean for the First Time

Previously chained German Shepherd Herschel’s first encounter with the ocean leads to an ecstatic response.

For the initial five years of his life, Herschel, a German Shepherd, faced trying times. Regrettably, he spent most of these years shackled in a dirt-filled backyard. When rescuers found him, Herschel’s teeth were drastically worn out from his desperate efforts to gnaw through the metal chain in a bid for freedom.

Thankfully, his previous owner handed him over to Michelson Found Animals. This animal rescue organization provided Herschel with the essential care and medical aid he required.

However, Herschel’s journey had its bumps. Over the next six months, he was adopted and returned to the shelter on multiple occasions. His difficult beginnings — years in chains with no socialization — impeded his adaptation to new homes.

Understanding Herschel’s needs, Michelson Found Animals reached out to Rocky Kanaka, host of a show that gives dogs who have faced adversities a delightful day out.

For Herschel’s day of enjoyment, Rocky prepared a feast of delectable food, including a scrumptious doggy cupcake. Rocky also led Herschel to a snow-filled landscape for play — an activity Herschel relished!

Herschel’s story captivated a viewer of Dog’s Day Out, who wished to adopt him. Rocky and Herschel set out on a journey to this viewer’s home in Los Angeles.

En route, Rocky made a pit stop at a beach, allowing Herschel his first-ever view of the ocean. As Rocky and Herschel ambled onto the sandy shore, Herschel started barking in pure exhilaration. Rocky was overjoyed, witnessing the bliss on this adorable canine’s face!

As they frolicked in the waves and sand, Rocky couldn’t help but flash a broad smile, seeing Herschel revel in the waters.

He voiced his sentiment saying, “He loves it, and I can’t let him out of my sight; for all I know, he might swim all the way to San Diego.”

Herschel now happily resides in Los Angeles with his new owner, enjoying unrestricted access to the ocean. Given all that he has endured, Herschel deserves every moment he spends in the sea. His newfound love for the ocean seems to know no bounds!

Despite his challenging past, Herschel remains a delightful dog. Watch the video below to learn more about Herschel and witness his jubilant playtime in the water.

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