Juice, The Saddest Dog On Earth, Is Finally Adopted After His Video Goes Viral

Meet Juice: he’s about as friendly a dog as you could ever meet. He’s been described by the staff as “a cuddly, loving, giant-headed goofball,” but for whatever reason, it seems that Juice has been having a lot of trouble finding a forever home.

Juice has been in the shelter for over 10 months, and while he initially seemed happy and bubbly enough, things started to get into his head and he became more and more depressed and began to “lose himself.”

As the months rolled by, he became more reserved and quiet, as if he accepted the fate that he would never find a home. But then, the shelter staff was incredibly overjoyed when Juice found a new home. Unfortunately, that just wasn’t a fit, and he was brought back again. Even more depressed now.

A staff member took Juice to her home for a “sleepover,” just to give him some respite from the depressing conditions of the shelter. But when it came time to bring him back, he hit his complete and utter bottom.

For hours and hours, they could hear him crying. At times it even sounded like weeping for anyone who thinks that dogs don’t have feelings, please watch this video and you’ll see that they do!

While this video is hard to watch, it’s actually one of the best things that could have ever happened to Juice. The staff heard his sobs in the distance, so they decided to make a quick video showing just how low this dog was feeling. Over the course of a day, they filmed him every few hours, and he never stopped crying.

This video has since gone viral, and now the shelter is getting so many calls that they had to stop all offers of adoption so they can sort through and find the best forever home for Juice! Pretty soon, he’ll be in a new home surrounded by love and kindness. Doesn’t get much better than that. When Mom saw his face, she knew she had to record him, and through that recording he’s found a new incredible home!

While it’s great for Juice that he’s being adopted thanks to his viral video, it’s good to remember all those other dogs that haven’t been lucky enough to be filmed. Just because they haven’t “gone viral,” doesn’t mean they don’t have a right to a home filled with love. Don’t shop when you can adopt!

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