Just Like Most Dogs, This Wild Dog Cannot Figure Out What Is In This Mirror

What was your dog’s reaction when he first saw himself in the mirror? Most dogs would be puzzled, and they look totally adorable as they stare at their own reflection looking so confused! Just like this cute Corgi pup who saw herself in the mirror for the first time. But what happens when a wild dog sees his own reflection?

Well, the same adorably funny thing happens! In the video below, a pack of wild dogs were passing by a car. One of the passengers of the car took a video when the dogs were passing by them. But then one wild dog stopped when he caught a glimpse of his own reflection on the shiny car. He was befuddled by what he saw! He kept staring at his own reflection! He’s probably wondering who this “new” member of the pack is!

LOL! He reacted just like most dogs do! What a cutie!
I gotta say, they are really beautiful animals, aren’t they?

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