Just One Of The Grumble: Little Girl And Her Three Best Friends Are Taking On The World!

Each childhood is unique, especially when you add siblings to the mix. But, when we think about growing up with brothers and sisters, we usually don’t think of… PUGS!

This little girl is having the time of her life with her three best friends and doggy siblings. Growing up with pugs may just be the best thing yet!

According to the little girl, named Kennedy, they’re her very “best friends in the whole wide world!” Insert her cute little kid voice right there! My whole body is smiling right about now!

Kids who grow up with pets are wayyyy more likely to be compassionate toward animals. So, I think it’s safe to say that this little one is a true animal lover in the making.

Here is Kennedy having some quality time with her pup.


Pugs make the best cuddle buddies!

Any bed is the BEST bed when the whole grumble gets together!

Now that’s some heartwarming stuff! With 24,000 Instagram followers, it seems many agree that this grumble (plus human) is TOO CUTE to miss out on! I know I’m a fan!

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