Just Watch What Her German Shepherd Does When She Exercises At Home!

They say working out at home while having a dog around is really hard. They would try to lick your face while you’re on the floor, and do all sorts of things that would distract you from your workout. But that’s not always the case. Turns out, dogs can be great workout partners. And we have a video to prove it!

Meet Baron, a German Shepherd who has become his mom’s best workout partner! This 5-month-old GSD loves to workout with his mom! He follows his mom’s every move! I wonder how this all started…He was probably observing his mom at first, and then decided to join in! This is just too cute not to share! Watch the adorable video below and see Baron in workout mode!

Baron is such an awesome workout partner! Hmmm…I wonder if he does yoga too…
How about you? Do you have a workout routine that you share with your dog? Leave a comment to share it with us!

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