Justice Is a Furry Ball of Pure Energy and She Can’t Wait to Come Home With You

Good day, loyal Life With Dogs Readers! Today we have yet another beautiful dog to feature as our LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day, today. She’s called Justice, and she comes to us from our friends at the Humane Rescue Alliance out of Washington DC.

Let’s let Justice introduce herself:

My name is Justice, I am a young fur ball with plenty of energy.  My foster dad jokes with his friends that I like to ‘get my steps’, whatever that means.  I love to play with other dogs around my size and my age.

Like any youngster, I am shy when meeting new people, but once I get to know you we can be best friends.  My foster dad and host dog have been showing me all the best locations for dog treats on Capitol Hill. Taking me to these places helps me to get more confident around strangers.  I am really happy being at my foster home, but I need a forever home of my own.  When we are at my foster home I like to snuggle with my foster dad or curl up in some blankets with a pillow.

I am looking for a loving forever home to spoil me with car rides, cuddles, long walks, playtime, soft furniture, and treats.  I am hoping my humans will teach me to be a really good dog so I can go everywhere with them.  I get lonely when home by myself.  I already know how to sit, I am learning to shake, and I really enjoy going to places around the city so please take me on lots of adventures.

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