K-9 Embraces A Deputy In A Heartwarming Selfie — And Now The Photo Is Going Viral!

Though they don’t officially own them as beloved pets, officers and deputies who work with K-9s consider their partners to be a part of their families. And in return, the playful pups show them all their love. These partnerships can extend over the course of many years, with man and beast forming a deep and incredible bond.

Pima County Sheriff’s Deputy Chase Garrett knows this very well. He and his K-9 companion, a chocolate labrador named Manson, have been partners for the past three years. The inseparable duo specializes in narcotics investigations, and Manson has been trained to sniff out evidence pertaining to those investigations.

One day, Deputy Garrett decided to take a photo with the 5-year-old Manson. Sitting in the front seat, the pup drapes himself over his human friend’s shoulders, giving him a “hug.” And since the photo was posted on the Pima County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page, the photo has gone viral! Most, if not all, of the comments have been in praise of the hard-working pair, almost envying their friendship.

The deputy was happy to see that his friend, who sometimes even goes home with him at the end of the day, is getting the recognition he deserves!

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