Kanga The Blind Golden Was Left In A Field To Die, But Now He’s So Loved

Kanga the golden retriever has had a rough life. For starters, he was born blind. He also has congenital deformities in his front paws, making it harder for him to get around. When his first family found his care to be too much work…they abandoned him.

Thankfully, this happened:

It’s a miracle that the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue took in this wonderful pup in his time of need. While he waited for many months to find his forever father, it looks like Kanga has a pretty spiffy life now.

If you’d like to help the shelter that gave this precious sweetie a second chance, feel free to donate!

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  1. monica

    She is beautiful dog and has a wonderful life with a great new owner that love so much.I cannot somebody do this it makes me mad.I am happy the rescued find her on time and save her they are awesome people.I love the video that she is happy and have a good friend to help her it is so sweet.

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