KARMA! Chinese Dog Meat Vendor Accidentally Kills Self with Poison Arrow


A dog meat seller in the Hunan province of China got a taste of his own medicine when he accidentally shot and killed himself with a poison dart meant for one of the dogs he planned to sell as meat.

The man was showing other employees in his butchery how to operate the crossbow when it fired and struck him in the leg.  He died on the way to the hospital.

The group, who was operating illegally, had over 1,000 frozen dog carcasses, and five members of the faction were arrested by police.

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  1. monica

    There are monster save these beautiful dogs and I hope that there is help to save them.The guy that got the poison arrow he is a monster I am glad.It makes me mad what they are doing they are sick and so happy arrest the five people for sale dog meat they should stay in jail.

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