King Size Wasn’t Big Enough for Eight Dogs, So Mom and Dad Built a Megabed!

You’ve likely seen pictures or videos of Mariesa and Chris Hughes’ gang – they and their eight or nine dogs are all over Facebook and YouTube, and we’ve featured them a few times, once about what it’s like to have that many on the bed at once. Most pups don’t want to sleep in the own beds, but when you’ve got eight of them, even a king size bed isn’t big enough, so the Hughes’ had a bed made that is enormous enough to accommodate everybody!

Chris and Mariesa, who run The Mr. Mo Project, a senior dog rescue, want to make sure that Gremlin, Mabel, Meatball, Money, Quinn, Sam, Tejas, and The Stig are cozy, but that leaves little room for them.


“I wake up and I think, ‘This is incredible. I’m like a contortionist with Stig spooning me and Gremlin between my legs and Sam sharing my pillow,’” Mariesa told ABC News. “They love it. They love to just be near us. So however we can make that happen, they’re happy.”

But being happy means being pretty cramped. This is what they were dealing with on a nightly basis:

“At nighttime all of the dogs want to sleep on the bed and sometimes it becomes too cluttered, and we end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch,” Chris told TODAY. “So we built the megabed.”


The Clifton Park, New Yorkcouple commissioned Michael’s Custom Interiors to take on the task. The “people” part of the bed is a king, and the annex is a full turned sideways. It’s nearly 14 feet long, 7 feet across, and the headboard is 6 feet tall.


“I’m a dog lover myself, especially senior dogs, Mike Ford explained. “It broke my heart because I can’t imagine all the love and work these people put into their organization. They came up with the idea for the king-sized bed and asked me to come up with the concept to make it all work.”

As clever as the idea is, they aren’t the first to try it. Last year a couple created an 11-foot bed – also a king and a full – to keep all their critters comfy.


But this bed is certainly one-of-a-kind. The stairs are helpful for older, arthritic dogs, with lots of storage space below for blankets. And the wood is covered in hand-carved paw prints, modeled after Mike’s best dog buddy, Bailey (named after George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life), who died last summer at the ripe old age of 16.

“I added the dog print from my senior dog because they have such a heart for senior dogs themselves,” he explained.

Now the whole family can be cozy and get a good night’s sleep, which is important when there’s so much work to be done every day between their own dogs and their rescue group.


“[The Stig] uses his paws as we use our hands and he pulls the covers down or grabs my head and turns it so he can kiss me,” Mariesa said.

And now that they have a bigger bed, the Hughes’ might even consider bringing home a few more dogs in need.

To see more of them on Facebook, click here.  To see more of Life in the Dog House on YouTube, click here.


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