Kisses, Cuddles & Soon … A Forever Family: Irma Refugee Duncan On His Way To Sweet New Life

Duncan was found abandonded in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Covered in wounds and scars, rescuers think he may have been part of a dog-fighting operation. But that life is behind him now as he’s soaking up all the love and attention these Georgia volunteers can give him.

A rescue dog is soaking up hugs and kisses after he was found abandoned on a Georgia porch after Hurricane Irma roared through the region.

“He was so loving,” Rosenberg told Inside Edition. “He didn’t want to go anywhere or be fed, he just wanted to feel safe. I held him for a very long time.”

He’s been at a shelter in Atlanta since September 14 and since then, he’s been overdosing on love, comfort and kindness.

“To be somewhere he could just lie down and sleep and not be afraid that something would happen must have been a relief,” Rosenberg said. ”I feel like he has been on a journey and whatever he had seen he was tired from it.”

Rosenberg said Duncan is now slowly being nursed back to help and staff are getting him ready to find his forever family.

“He was in pretty rough shape when we found him but now his wounds are healing and he is building up his strength,” Rosenberg said. “He is a beautiful dog who is wonderful with humans. He has been through so much suffering, but still has so much saved-up love to share.”

He enjoys being out in the sun and loves children.

To adopt Duncan, visit the shelter’s website.

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