Kitten Hops Into Dog’s Bed, But When Caretaker Looks Closely, She Realizes Kitten Is Nursing

If a kitten you adopt is taken from their mother too soon, you can often see those signs right away or later in life.

Kittens will use their paws to knead warm blankets often, sometimes even sucking on the blanket. They might not stop there, though!

If given the chance, a kitten might even try to nurse from an animal that is not their mom. Hannah, a kitten adopted by the folks at My Bark Avenue, decided to nurse from a dog named Cloe.

However, Cloe was not a recent mom and wasn’t even in heat. Still, her body knew that it needed to care for this kitten, and she quickly began lactating.

After a week of this going on, their caretaker decided to film the rarity. It’s clear how much Cloe cares for her baby kitten. Hannah nursed for six months after meeting Cloe.

The organization was told how rare it was for a dog to adopt a kitten and bond so closely, without having lost her own litter of puppies. But Hannah and Chloe are bonded for life. As you can see in the video below, they clearly love each other very much!

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