Kitten Plays With Owner In Cutest Possible Way

You have reached the place where your heart will melt completely when you are enveloped by the sweetness of this adorable feline, who plays with his owner in the funniest way. It’s so funny the way he plays that we can’t stop seeing him when he moves to the rhythm of the music without ever stopping to follow in the footsteps of his owner, who seems to have his pet very spoiled, as he dedicates time for both to have fun together. Too tender!

In this charming video we can see the little feline ash play with its owner, with pop music in the background this little one steals the show and raises his arms to the rhythm of the music Great! The young kitten seems to be only one month old, it is so small and so adorable that your mind could eat it, but to kisses and hugs! This feline is certainly having a lot of fun, he is just starting his life and has to exercise his muscles and play in this way. This type of games is very good option for this baby cat to develop their cognitive and hunting skills.

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