Labradoodles Rescued From Puppy Mill So Happy to Get a Bath

National Mill Rescue came to the rescue of eight Labradoodles, rescued from a puppy mill. The dogs were in poor condition with matted and dirty fur and underweight. So the rescuers do what they do best – get to work to make them healthy and happy.

They shared their progress on social media, writing: “It takes a village to care for our dogs, and sometimes, to groom them! Tenzing is one of the eight.”

Hallie was another. The sweet dog was skin and bones under all the matted hair. One rescuer guessed she weighed less than 30 pounds (she turned out to be 21). “It breaks my heart,” the woman commented, as Hallie should have weighed at least 55 pounds. But she and the others will be getting sweaters to keep warm with their “summer cuts”.

“There are beautiful dogs under that matted, filthy mess,” they wrote on YouTube and they couldn’t be more right.

Watch Hallie’s transformation in the video below. And keep an eye out for the kiss she gives her groomer – who says it makes all the heartbreak and hard work worthwhile!

To support National Mill Rescue so they can help dogs like Hallie and Tenzing, visit their website.

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