Labrador Catches Fireflies And Flashes A Glowing Smile At The Camera

Dogs are like children, they want the excitement of a good game, they want to play, chase around and be in the center of attention. It is what makes them happy and jubilant, and their thirst for having the time of their life serves like a propeller in the growing up process. The only difference is that children eventually and inevitably grow up, which results in having more rational feelings towards things, and all those antics they used to do, suddenly stop to exist. Well, dogs on the other hand, will always be dogs, regardless of their age. They want to entertain and be entertained, their itchy feet don’t let them stay in one place and they really love to be around people. Dogs don’t show off because they feel the need to display how much they worth but simply because that is written in their blood – doggy nature.

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