Landlord changed locks – left family’s dog trapped in cage for two days

An outraged dog owner in Brooklyn, New York, claims that his landlord changed the locks on his residence while his dog was trapped inside, in a cage. According to Thursday’s New York Post, 26-year-old Kevin Tamayo claims that his landlord’s actions resulted in his two-year-old dog, “Tori,” being left without food or water, or the ability to roam, for two days.

Tamayo was evicted from his apartment in Crown Heights on Tuesday – his family was away from home when the landlord allegedly had the locks changed, leaving Tori inside of her crate. He told The Post how his dog desperately tried to get free, “Look at her head — she has marks where she was trying to get her face out of the cage.”

Tori was left inside of the cage until Tamayo was able to get a court order to get back inside of the apartment to retrieve her. By the time that Tori was freed and was able to relieve herself, it became apparent that she was so hungry that she had resorted to eating some of her toys.

Tamayo is devastated that his dog suffered alone – Scott Rosenthal, the landlord, is not commenting on the situation aside from his lawyer’s statement that the “matter was resolved in court.”

(Family photo via screenshot from New York Post)

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